Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Beds4Vets?

Beds4Vets is a 501c(3) non-profit organized to benefit veterans as they transition from homelessness to living in their own apartment or home.

How did Beds4Vets get started?

2018.  Three veterans learned through their volunteer activities about gaps in existing government programs that assist veterans in finding permanent housing.

How does Beds4Vets help veterans?

Existing government programs help veterans find permanent housing.  As great as these programs sound, they are extremely limited.  A big empty apartment is not an ideal start on a new journey in life.  Keeping veterans off the streets requires more than a roof, it requires the veteran to build out a social network and develop a sense of pride in their home.  Those are hard things to do when you don’t have a bed to sleep in, a chair to sit on, and the kitchenware necessary to prepare food.

Beds4Vets wants to fix that.  Beds4Vets works through local Veterans Administration offices to identify veterans who are ready to transition to permanent housing.  We then provide the veteran with basic necessities and a little bit more to help turn that empty box of an apartment into a home.  We provide a bed, sheets and comforter, kitchen and bathroom supplies veterans choose from our request form. In doing so, Beds4Vets enables veterans to improve their physical and psychological condition by increasing their social interaction, improving their sense of well-being, and giving them a sense of belonging.

Does Beds4Vets help all veterans?

Beds4Vets will provide assistance to any homeless veteran.  Unlike some charities, Beds4Vets offers assistance regardless of religious affiliation, age, or gender.  In our minds, any veteran who wore the uniform for a day or for a career deserves our appreciation and thanks.  We know that physical and psychological injuries/illnesses incurred during or as a result of service are the leading causes of the veteran homelessness.  As such, their sacrifice to defend us, our values, and our everyday way of life has landed them in their current circumstances.  Society owes them a debt.  Beds4Vets is committed and invites you to join us in our mission to put an end to veteran homelessness.  Beds4Vets is proud to be 100% volunteer: no salaries, lower overhead, more to veterans.

Can I donate home goods or furniture directly to Beds4Vets?

No. We provide new items to veterans that are purchased at a discount through our corporate sponsors.

How much money donated to Beds4Vets actually helps veterans?

Unlike other veteran’s charities, the Board of Directors of Beds4Vets is 100% volunteer, the majority of whom are veterans.   100% of every dollar goes to funding our mission.

How can I send a donation check?

Please submit any mail or physical checks to our mailing address:
7209 Lancaster Pike, Suite 4-311
Hockessin, DE 19707

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